Changing Trends in the Water Treatment Industry


A water treatment industry overview indicates that the industry continues to evolve. The trends of 2019 are expected to continue into 2020. The industry is focusing on continued growth with a greater focus on sustainable energy and meeting the growing challenges around the globe.

Sustainable Energy

Eco-friendly energy generation continues to increase due to the effects of climate change. Regulations and policies have been introduced by numerous governments to reduce the carbon footprint and emissions in their countries. The water treatment industry must meet these new energy restrictions while continuing to treat water.

Water Treatment

Clean water continues to be a focus for the industry around the world especially as populations continue to grow. Finding sustainable water sources goes beyond finding new groundwater sources. Creating treatment options that are both sustainable and plentiful is one way to meet this growing demand.

Resilient Equipment

With the number of impacting storms making headlines in the last few years, the industry has worked towards supplying the many plants with better, more resilient equipment. As seen on, improved safety measures and better equipment are one way to recover after a disaster when insurance money only goes so far.

The trends in 2020 continue on those set out in the 2019 water treatment industry overview. As populations continue to grow and governments focus on reducing the environmental impacts of modern life, the industry will continue to adapt to meet these needs.