Catering Insurance Solutions for Restaurant Owners


Obtaining full-course coverage for restaurants is as essential to the future of your business as a tempting menu and excellent reviews. If your policy is inadequate or outdated, you could be at risk. Also, some restaurants require specialized coverage, so it is critical to talk to an Atlanta Georgia insurance agent to ensure that you are familiar with the local rules, laws and regulations.

Business Owners’ Policy Options

As your business grows and develops, so should your insurance solutions. New location, equipment and services all impact your levels of coverage. If a customer slips and falls or a fire destroys your kitchen, will your insurance help keep your doors open? Atlanta Georgia insurance specialists make sure that the coverage for restaurant owners includes:

  • Business property insurance covering the restaurant location and the contents inside
  • Workers’ Compensation insurance handling onsite accidents involving your employees
  • Business crime insurance for protection against employee robbery, theft and forgery
  • Business liability insurance for mistakes, injuries and accidents occurring at your restaurant

Restaurant owners face a broad range of risks daily, and each business is unique. However, adequate restaurant insurance can help reduce worrying about lawsuits, loss of income or property damage.

Make Your Selections a Menu of Services

Whether you want coverage for fire damage, food spoilage caused by equipment breakdown, or employee and customer injuries, Atlanta Georgia insurance agents provide protection from the risks that most concern you. Packages can be designed based on the challenges you face and your individual needs.