Carrying Truckers General Liability Coverage

The Chevrolet slogan of “Heartbeat of America” seems a fitting mantra for those in the trucking industry as well. The transport of goods across the nation is critical to the health of our economy. The folks at Western Truck Insurance Services Inc. know the tasks and liabilities faced by those covering the roads, and they are prepared to offer exceptional service when it comes to comprehensive policy coverage.

Commercial Auto vs Truckers General Liability

There are many areas and scenarios that cause concern with traditional commercial auto policies. These gray areas are what a general liability policy would cover. These could include:

  • Missed deliveries
  • Unloading and loading freight from the tractor-trailer by hand
  • Working while on the location of another company
  • Driver’s personal guard dog bites an individual
  • Using motorized tools/assistive devices to unload or load
  • Stolen trailers or goods

Consulting standard commercial policy brokers will not generally include questions or insight on such specific situations. Their primary focus is for the common concerns of operating a commercial vehicle and not the concerns associated with the business operations requiring the use of the vehicle. By working with Western Truck Insurance Services Inc., you can be assured of the attention to details affecting the transport industry. It is their business to insure your trucking business, regardless of the scenario.