Cannabis Oil for Serious Illnesses


While no producer of any kind of cannabis oil can make claims to their products’ curative properties, many believe that FECO oil is a particularly good choice for helping people with more serious illnesses. The name stands for full extract cannabis oil.

As with other cannabis products, there can be a great deal of variation between one full extract and another. Typically, the oil is made from cannabis flowers, although sometimes buds and even leaves are used as well. The resin has separated the parts of the plant, with the end result that it is more heavily concentrated than normal CBD oil.

Because it is a higher concentrated product, FECO oil can be taken in far smaller doses. However, this greater concentration also means that people with more serious conditions often report experiencing better results with it. A key difference in this product versus other types of cannabis oil is that it has high concentrations of both CBD and THC.

As with all cannabis products, you will want to look for a company that is reputable, preferably one that is tested by a third party to ensure that it is pesticide-free and that it has the potency claimed. Ideally, there should be knowledgeable consultants on-hand to answer your questions, as well as to confer with your doctor, if desired.