Can Your Agency Benefit From General Liability Insurance?


When it comes to staffing insurance, general liability is one of the most effective and comprehensive types of policies on the market. Purchasing this particular type of coverage is an easy way to protect your staffing agency from legal costs. But with so many business expenses already, many agencies are left debating whether or not they actually need general liability insurance. Here are a few ways your agency can benefit from this type of coverage.

What Am I Protected Against?

General liability insurance can help protect your staffing agency from legal actions involving bodily injury or property damage. This is especially important if you have clients in the healthcare industry. If you lack general liability, you will be responsible for medical bills and numerous other legal costs, which can easily add up to the millions. General liability insurance also protects you in regards to property damage. If an employee damages the home, building, or personal belongings of a client, you will also be covered.

An Increased Sense of Security

Purchasing this specific type of staffing insurance is a great idea for any agency. It can help protect not only your finances, but your reputation also. You can never fully predict the action of your contract employees, but general liability insurance can give you a high degree of security. This feeling of security allows you to focus on more important issues, like running your business.