Should Your Business Insurance Include Errors and Omissions?


There are many different parts that make up a policy for business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania. You have workers compensation, liability coverage, and even property coverage. One important type of coverage that is vital for many types of businesses is errors and omissions or professional liability coverage.


Professional Services May Need It


If your business is in any sort of professional service capacity that offers consultation or advice, you are likely in need of errors and omissions coverage as part of your business insurance. Real estate agents, lawyers, and doctors all fall under this category.


Examine Your Risks


Errors and omissions really comes down to analyzing your risks. How likely are people to sue you if something you say (or don’t say) comes back to cause them financial, physical, or mental harm? It doesn’t always have to be something verbal; it can also be something that is or is not written in a contract. Even if the error is committed by an employee under your guidance, it can come back to haunt you in the form of a lawsuit.


Don’t Wait


It’s human nature to err. It’s not usually intentional, but it can have devastating consequences just the same. If you are in a professional service capacity and don’t yet have errors and omissions coverage as part of your business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania, now is a great time to talk to an agent about it.


photo credit: Tim Dorr cc