The Best Ways to Get Affordable Insurance in Connecticut


Shopping for cheap auto insurance in CT? Several factors will determine how much you will be paying each month on your premiums.

Car-Related Factors

The type of car you drive can have a great impact on your insurance rates. See how these features affect your cost:

  • Risk of theft. If your car is on the list of the top 10 most stolen cars, your premium will certainly be higher.
  • Age of the vehicle. Newer cars usually have a higher premium on collision insurance because they are “totaled” less often than older cars.
  • Safety rating. It’s often a good idea to purchase a car with a high safety rating, and it will go a long way in getting you cheap auto insurance in CT.

Personal Factors

Your age, gender, and location can all have an effect on your rate. Consider these elements:

  • Gender and age. Older men tend to get the best insurance rates.
  • Neighborhood. More accidents occur in densely populated areas, leading to higher insurance rates.
  • Driving history. A high number of tickets and previous accidents will drive up your monthly premium.

Many factors determine your insurance rate. However, owning a safe car and having a good driving history are two of the best ways to get cheap auto insurance in CT.