The Best Carrier for Mid Size Law Firm Malpractice Insurance


When you’re looking to protect your mid-sized firm, you should not settle for just any insurance carrier. Coverage requirements for those working in the law field are specialized, and you need to work with someone who understands that. The best carrier for mid-size law firm malpractice insurance has unique qualities that make them perfect for your needs.

Legal Experience

Your insurance agent should employ underwriters that have legal experience. A former practicing attorney is a perfect person to know exactly what you face when it comes to potential liability. These people have worked in law and know your exposure and risks. They have the insight you need to make certain you’re covered against any possible loss.

Claims Processing

Should you have a claim filed against you, you need a team with vast experience in handling insurance action against mid-sized law firms. You want to know that the team representing you has a history of successful claim processing, including a proactive response policy, whether you’re filing a claim against your policy or an outsider is filing a claim.

When seeking out your coverage, look for these qualities as well as a carrier that handles Errors and Omissions insurance for firms that staff 10 to 48 lawyers. This ensures you receive the best mid-size law firm malpractice insurance for your practice.