The Best Approach to Providing Boat Dealership Insurance

As an agency, you face unique challenges when it comes to meeting the insurance needs of boat dealers. In the event of a potential loss, what’s the best coverage protection? How can you get the best policy prices? How can you obtain flexible underwriting terms? By partnering with an insurer that offers top-tier recreational marine programs you can attract and maintain a roster of satisfied clients.

Tailored Solutions

Since every boat dealership is unique, a cookie-cutter approach to coverage is not suitable. The best recreational marine insurance providers offer individualized policy solutions. The steps they take to do this include:

  • Evaluating the dealership’s operations
  • Conducting a company risk profile
  • Customizing a plan based on the profile

If dealers experience any loss, you’ll be confident knowing they have the right policies in place.

Product Solutions

Boat dealership insurance should provide broad policy options. This ensures your clientele is prepared for various risk exposures. Property, liability and employee policies typically include the following types of coverage:

  • Business income
  • Protection and indemnity
  • Workers compensation

A wide range of products is essential for safeguarding an inventory of boats and yachts.

The best insurers are experts in the industry and offer excellent recreational marine programs. Specifically, they know how to craft insurance policies for boat dealerships that are customized, comprehensive and well-priced.