How to Become an Office Supply Wholesaler

There is money to be made in becoming a wholesaler, which means many hopeful business owners choose to go this route. As a wholesaler of office supplies, you would purchase a large number of supplies, which you would then sell for a profit. Some business owners sell them to schools or corporations. Others sell them to individuals or even on online auction sites such as eBay.

Choosing a Distributor

The first thing office products suppliers need to do is to find a distributor. When talking to potential distributors, always be professional and direct when negotiating. Showing you know what you want will help them to decide more quickly. Additionally, you should set a minimum amount you’ll buy each shipment, understand what the distributor can capably provide and verify the company has an excellent reputation.

Insuring Your Business

Once you have a distributor and a place to store your merchandise between sales, you need to protect your assets. Whether you have an entire warehouse that requires business insurance, or you are storing your product at home, you will need special coverage. In a warehouse, you must have a policy that protects your building as well as your merchandise. You will also need insurance that covers your computer systems. If you work from home, don’t assume your home policy covers your business inventory. It usually doesn’t, so you will still need a business policy.

Nearly every type of company needs office products suppliers, which means you can have a truly lucrative business if you set things up correctly. Remember to work with responsible and reputable insurance agencies.