Basics of General Liability Coverage in New Mexico


You may have extensive safety guidelines and procedures in place, and you may have trained your employees to operate with the utmost care and precision, but even so, accidents happen. When they do, you want to be covered with a sound New Mexico Business Liability Policy.

What Could Go Wrong?

Many business owners assume that nothing can go wrong, especially if they’re in an industry without much perceived risk. However, even if all your employees work safely at their desk each day, accidents can happen. For instance, you accountant may slip and fall in a puddle of water in the bathroom, or your HR manager may accidentally fall down a flight of stairs. Though freak accidents, these types of accidents put you at risk of a lawsuit and subsequent fees.

General Liability Coverage Can Help

General liability coverage was designed with freak accidents in mind, and can help protect you and your business from assuming liability for the following:

  • Medical Payments: If an employee or client is injured, general liability will assume the majority of the cost of medical expenses.
  • Defense Costs: Moreover, general liability insurance will cover the cost of most legal fees associated with a possible personal injury suit.
  • Advertising Injury: If you’re sued for slander or libel, general liability can assist with the claim.

A New Mexico business liability policy can save your company’s reputation and bank account by ensuring you don’t carry the brunt of liability for any accidents that occur as a result of your products or services, or that occur in your workplace.