Add Retirement Protection Insurance to Your Disability Policy


Disability policies replace income and help to keep a practice intact in the unfortunate event that a doctor suffers illness or bodily harm. While medical practitioner disability preserves a physicians livelihood, it may function to protect the future as well. As an addition to a policy, Retirement Protection Insurance allows the insured to continue to save for retirement during a period of disability.

Long Term Benefits

Disability insurance pays the bills and helps keep a practice healthy when you are forced to stop work for a period of your own recovery. A lapse in contributions, however, could jeopardize the healthy growth of your retirement plan. A protection program can offer coverage that:

  • May be added to an existing plan
  • May not be cancelled, except for non-payment of premium
  • Is portable and individually owned
  • Offers tax-free benefits, when paid by insured with after-tax dollars

Ensuring a Healthy Future

Standard medical practitioner disability plans, even very good ones, are concerned mainly with paying out benefits that cover both professional and living expenses if you are unable to work at your practice due to a health issue. In these circumstances, saving for retirement lies outside the realm of everyday expense. Depending on how long the disability lasts, your retirement savings may stagnate. Retirement Protection Insurance is a program that enables you to continue to make retirement plan contributions until age 65.



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