A Guide to Workplace Stress

Work-related stress is an issue that should not be taken lightly. If it becomes too high within a particular environment, it can result in low productivity and morale. Many human resources officials regard workplace stress as a concern they need to address.


Several things can cause a group of employees’ stress levels to rise. They may not be able to handle a sudden increase in their workload. They may not feel comfortable communicating with and receiving assistance from their fellow workers or upper management. Changes in procedures or personnel can trigger stress and anxiety. A toxic work environment, one that is filled with bullying, harassment, threats of violence, and relational aggression, can also induce stress.


There are many ways people can reduce work-related stress. They can facilitate mediation programs that help employees address and resolve conflict. They can launch wellness programs so that workers know how to manage stress and self-soothe themselves. Team-building initiatives could assist some workers in developing the techniques needed to collaborate with others and communicate in healthy ways with their peers and supervisors.

Work-related stress can impact the individuals working in a particular environment as well as comprise the state of the environment as a whole. People should do everything they can to lessen it.