3 Ways Restaurants Protect Cars During Valet Parking

As a restauranteur, you know that the dining experience is about more than just great food. The right atmosphere and top-notch amenities are what set you apart from your competitors. You may choose to offer valet parking to your discerning customers, but those same car-pampering patrons sometimes worry about what happens if a valet crashes your car. Here are three ways you can ensure their vehicle is properly protected.

Garage Keeper’s Liability

When others’ vehicles are in your business’s care, custody, and control, a garage keeper’s liability policy can provide protection. If something happens to the vehicle while the patrons are in the restaurant, your policy would pay for the damages of a covered loss including theft and collision.

Business Owners Liability

If your business is providing the valet service rather than an outside contractor, your liability policy would extend to damage the attendants cause not related to an auto collision. For example, if the valet tears a seat cover, your policy would respond.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

There are additional opportunities for criminal activity when customers entrust their cars to a valet parker. With house keys on the keyring and money or other valuables sometimes kept in the car, your business may be subject to liability from an employees’ dishonesty. Having coverage against that will indemnify any party who falls victim to such a crime.

Valet parking is an attractive service to entice diners to your restaurant. Making sure you also have the right coverage will prevent mishaps from becoming reputation-ruining tragedies.