3 Ways First Gate Can Help You


The last thing you want to worry about while you’re relaxing on the white Florida sands is your insurance. However, if you’re not working with First Gate Insurance, that might be exactly how you’re spending your leisure time during the upcoming summer months. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies have your best interests at heart. First Gate, however, does. This excellent insurance company seeks to provide you with several services that can make living in or visiting this area more enjoyable and less stressful, but providing you with several types of insurance:

1. Homeowners Insurance

Whether you own a vacation home or call your FL location home year-round, having homeowners insurance near the coast is an absolute must.

2. Mobile Home Insurance

Generally, there aren’t many insurance agencies that protect mobile homes, which can put you in a bind. However, First Gate has your back and keeps even the smallest property safe.

3. Renters Insurance

Renting on the coast can be worrisome. That is unless you have renter’s insurance on your side. This protects you from any damages that might occur while you’re occupying a rented premises.

First Gate Insurance provides FL residents with all of these coverage options and more in order to eliminate the worry of dwelling on the coast and allows you to enjoy your space to the fullest, regardless of how long you intend to call the area home.