3 Questions Your Insurance Website Must Answer

Do I have a good website? That’s a question agents often ask their peers. While that’s OK for general feedback, the people who really matter are the prospects. If you want a high-converting site, it must address three questions potential customers often ask.

1. Am I on the Right Website?

When prospects land on your site, they want to know if you’re selling the kind of insurance they need. Insurance marketing organizations recommend you talk directly to your targeted audience. For example, if you sell self-employment coverage in Missouri, state that up front.

2. Can I Trust This Agent?

Prospects need to get a good feel for who you are when they’re looking at your site. With that said, you must exude professionalism. Insurance marketing organizations, suggest that you maintain a website that’s free from the following errors:

• Broken links
• Font inconsistencies
• Distorted photos

3. What Do I Do Next?

Once visitors know and trust you, make it easy for them to proceed. Place a call-to-action on all your pages. This can be anything from “Request a quote” to “Call me now.” Additionally, make sure “Contact Us” link is prominent on each page along with your phone number.

If you can answer these three questions, you’re on your way to having a successful website. Need more help? Research insurance marketing organizations to learn about advanced online strategies.