3 Myths About Working With Insurance Agents

When it comes to working with an insurance agency, many people are wary of it. Many misconceptions float around, involving agencies. Before you decide against using an agency to find the best Bergen County insurance, check out these three myths about insurance agents.

1. An Agent Is Expensive

Since an agent works between you and the insurer, it is common to think that an agent is going to ask for more money. The truth is that working with an agency isn’t expensive. Insurance agents tend to work on commission, so this means that you aren’t directly paying them for their time

2. The Prices Are the Same

Some people think that buying straight from the insurer is the same price as the agent. Just because the agent is the middle man does not mean that the prices are the same. In general, agencies are able to negotiate better deals for their clients.

3. Agents Are Pushy

One common misconception is that agents are too pushy and are only interested in selling you an insurance policy. They would much rather you made an informed decision. A quality agency is not going to have agents that push you into a purchase.

When shopping for a new Bergen County insurance policy, don’t give up on quality insurance agencies. Not only do they have excellent service, but also they will help you obtain better deals.