3 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Miscellaneous Professional Liability Program


Miscellaneous professional, or errors and omissions, liability insurance protects you in case you make a mistake in or misrepresent your services, don’t complete your duties on time or at all, or fail to keep your clients’ information confidential. Avoid the following three mistakes as you consider your misc professional program.

  1. Not Being Covered – Professional liability insurance is not only for doctors and lawyers. If you provide any type of professional services, from bookkeeping to translating, you also need errors and omissions coverage. Don’t assume your current policy provides proper liability coverage unless you know for certain.
  2. Underestimating Its Importance – Even if you have a high reputation for accuracy, you still need to be insured because you don’t have to make a mistake to be sued, and even if you win the lawsuit, you still waste time and money. Your reputation may become damaged as well, causing you to lose clients. It is best to enroll in a misc professional program to be prepared for any legal scenario.
  3. Limiting Your Coverage – Miscellaneous professional liability offers broad coverage across the line, but you can get even more through additions specific to your industry needs. Some of these extensions include:

Determine your areas of liability and discuss with an insurer what coverage you need in your misc professional program. Remember, the broader your services and range of influence, the more protection you require.