3 Common Causes of Injuries to Healthcare Workers


The risks of an on-the-job injury for workers in the healthcare industry are well documented. Employers must be covered by healthcare workers’ compensation policies that foster financial stability while providing quality comprehensive care. Here are three of the most common causes of injuries to nurses, aides and other healthcare attendants:

  1. Patient Handling Activities – The moving of patients to different positions or transferring activities through manual lifting may cause back, neck and other injuries.
  2. Repetitive Stress and Overexertion – Musculoskeletal disorders are prevalent with healthcare workers due to the ongoing intensive labor during the course of job duties performed within the field.
  3. Needle Sticks – Due to the possibility that an accidental prick from a needle can transmit disease, it is important to have detailed policies for your clients for the best protection.

To provide the best in services for your healthcare workers’ compensation clients, agents and brokers need to configure policies that address the specifics of various niches within the industry. A top wholesale insurance agency will be familiar with the latest in state regulations to ensure legal compliance as well. Being aware of the most common risks will allow you to tailor your offerings for your clients while fostering financial stability and controlling losses.