2 Key Differences Between Boat Insurance and Other Policies

For more than 75,000 Americans, recreational boating is a part of everyday life. If want to join that merry bunch, it is important you understand how best to protect your wonderful new boat. Whether its New York yacht insurance or California yacht insurance, the right policies will keep you afloat.

That may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that boat insurance is different from similar policies. Here are two key differences between boat insurance and other insurance.

Boat Insurance is a Little Like Home Insurance

If you own a big enough boat, like a yacht, there is a good chance your yacht doubles a second home. For that reason, a boat policy’s liability coverage protects assets within your boat in the same way a homeowner’s policy does.

You Can Suspend Your Boat Insurance

Many boaters live in climates that are not conducive to boating year round. Those enthusiasts will dock their boats during the off-season. Rather than continue to pay premiums while the boat is stored away, a boat policy allows for “laying up” coverage, or suspending it for a certain period.

Whether you are shopping for California yacht insurance or selecting boat coverage from anywhere else, make sure to ask the right questions. Working with an experienced agent will help you get the best deal.