I’m not one for hitting women, but after seeing this, that bitch needs an assbeating like no one’s business.

If, as the reports say, security was watching her, why wasn’t someone busting ass out there to stop this? They had time to zoom in with the camera, but no one could run to the parking lot?

What’s worse, is that her family is reticent in giving her up. They should all get ass beatings for not turning her over. I hope it isn’t the same bullshit we heard from Westerfield’s attorney. “Oh, she’s a really sweet person, except when she beats her kid.”

The DA makes a good point: “…if the mother is willing to do that in a public parking lot, what is she doing at home?”

My thoughts, exactly, counselor.

People like this need to get what they have given, as it appears to be the only language they understand. I just hope the little girl is OK. My own daughter is 4, and watching this stuff really gets my blood to boiling.

Imagine if the sexes…er genders…in this story were reversed.

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. I realize that NewsMax isn’t the most neutral of sources, but the tape of Clinton explaining Sudan’s offer, and why he turned it down speaks for itself.

Democrats remind me of my four-year old daughter, holding her hands over her ears and shouting, “I can’t hear you, la la la la la la la…” The media is worse. Why isn’t anyone calling them on this, if there is no liberal bias?

Seeing as how I want to ruin the environment, I’m going to see if I can’t buy something like this only not so tricked out.

I can hear the trees screaming already.
7:31:23 AM by Sproutman

Here in Montana, our legislature just got out of a one-day special session which was called to correct an error in an appropriation bill created during a previous special session, which was called to address a $250 million deficit.

Did you catch all that? It seems hard to believe, but it’s true.

The state is running low on money, which in turn, means that agencies are running low on money, and are having to cut staff, cut programs and, in general, reduce spending.

It goes without saying that schools statewide are going to be receiving less money this biennium, along with most general fund entities.

To a one, most state agencies have tightened their belts and moved along. Some schools however, have decided that now would be a good time to litigate the funding formula.

The trustees of School District #2, here in Billings, decided that they could pony up $30,000 for the effort. Oops, what I meant to say is that they decide that they could appropriate the money my family pays in property tax.

The best part of the whole deal is that you basically have a situation where taxpayer money is being used to litigate and defend this lawsuit, and to what end?

For some reason, schools always believe that the answer to everything is more money. Some sources have estimated that schools need $170 million more to operate at an “adequate” level. But, I have never seen anything that specifies where that money is to be used.

It would seem to me that a great deal of money could be placed back into the budget by eliminating staff. By staff, I don’t mean teachers, I mean administrators.

In Madison County, where I grew up, and where the largest town has a population of less than 1000, there are 4 school districts, each with a superintendent, and two principals. (There are only Elementary and Secondary schools in the county.) Also, there is a county-level Superintendent of Schools. It seems to me that you could eliminate 4 high-paying administrative jobs right away, and divide the functions of the school superintendents between the county
superintendent and the building principals.

There are a few towns where there are two complete school districts, and the towns are no more than 10 miles apart!

Out of 56 counties in Montana, all but a handful would be considered rural, and have similar situations.

I wonder if the schools could actually sit down and figure out how to cut their costs, rather than coming to us for more money. I don’t have the exact figure, but approximately 72 cents out of each property tax dollar goes to the schools, and they very rarely show the willingness to cut costs. Yet, with the amount of money we taxpayers sink into the schools, MEA-MFT seem awfully reticent when it comes to any kind of accountability.

No wonder the public is demanding school choice.
8:21:09 PM by Sproutman

It just goes to prove that not all politicians are totally evil. What I do find telling is that 43 of the 52 lawmakers mentioned here are Republicans.
7:00:33 AM by Sproutman

<job nazi> No jobs for you! </job nazi>

And the best part of the whole thing is that the decision came from that wacky bunch in the 9th Circuit down in Frisco.

I don’t know if the creation of a 12th Circuit will improve the situation, but it’s hard to imagine it being any worse.

Of course it’s going to be damn hard to staff a 12th circuit if nominations aren’t brought to the full Senate.
8:38:17 PM by Sproutman

I love it when these clowns get their nuts in a vise.

I never thought that this jury would do the right thing.

As Taranto might say, “Rediscovering the Homeless.”
7:11:17 AM by Sproutman

Why isn’t this on the front page of every nespaper in the world?
8:32:56 AM by Sproutman

I just listened to the cretins who clogged up I-75 today. They were on Fox News tonight.

Of course, the first thing these pinheads do is point blame at the woman who called them in, crying that, in essence, they were (are you ready for this?) RACIALLY PROFILED.

Never mind that they were making asshole jokes at a terrible time, about a terrible subject. We wouldn’t want to hold them responsible for their own actions, now would we.

You know, if I were a young male of Middle Eastern descent, do you know who I would be angry with? The muslim terrorists. After all, the actions of the few have sullied the rest of them for a long time to come.

As a white male from Montana, I am asked from time to time if I am part of this movement, or perhaps, these guys. It’s a little embarrasing, to say the least, but do I blame everyone else for profiling me, just because I’m from Montana?

I can only hope that these ass-clowns get charged with a felony, and not only that, get sent the bill for all the manpower and nuisance they caused.
8:46:02 PM by Sproutman