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Contractors insurance is such an important component of the contracting business in Connecticut. Anyone who contracts out their services should have such insurance so that they can protect themselves against the many risks that they may face in business every day.

Contractors insurance is such an important component of the contracting business in Connecticut. Anyone who contracts out their services should have such insurance so that they can protect themselves against the many risks that they may face in business every day. It could get daunting to try to find the right company to provide Connecticut contractors insurance, but there are some signs that show that a contractor has found the right deal for their insurance needs. The following are just three of those signs:


  1. The insurance company handles all of the annual audits. Not only does this provide more time for the contractor to take care of other business needs, but it can save him time and money in the long run when it is handled by the professionals.
  2. The insurance company reviews with the contractor all of the requirements included in the policy. This shows that the agent is concerned for the client and wants to ensure that they have all their bases covered.
  3. The insurance company has experienced staff on hand, in addition to the actual agents, so that the contractor is taken care of every step of the way.


If a contractor is looking for Connecticut contractors insurance, it doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. Simply finding a company that handles audits, provides reviews, and employs professionals who know their skill can be a good place to start.


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You may choose to terminate your auto insurance policy for any number of reasons and it is your right to do so. Be aware, however, that by not giving your insurer sufficient notice, it could end up costing you money, or negatively affecting your credit history.


Standard practice for most Springfield auto insurance companies is to allow you to cancel your policy at any time during the policy term by sending written notice stating the date of cancellation. Since your car insurance policy does not necessarily terminate at the end of each policy term, sending a notice of cancellation can help to avoid having your insurance company automatically bill you in advance for the next term’s premium payment.


If you don’t pay it, they will likely cancel your policy and it will go on your credit report.

Another thing to keep in mind is that allowing your car insurance policy to be canceled may hurt your chances of obtaining auto coverage in the future, which certainly is not in your best interests.


Get re-insured as soon as possible


Now, regardless of why you have decided to switch companies (maybe you’re moving to another state, getting rid of your car altogether, or you’re just dissatisfied with your existing company’s service), the time to purchase a new policy is now. The last thing you want is to have an accident during an uninsured interim – the consequences can be quite costly.


If you are switching to another insurer and you plan on driving your car throughout the process, you want to make sure there is no lapse in your Springfield auto insurance coverage. Therefore, be sure to coordinate the effective starting date of your new policy with the termination date of your old policy. A gap in coverage could leave you financially responsible for any accidents or injuries you are found to be at fault for.

Whenever you are in need of contractors insurance in Connecticut you need a comprehensive policy that will prepare you for any circumstances. With all the choices available when it comes to coverage, it isn’t always an easy decision. You have to know exactly what you require and you need an agent that will work with you every step of the way.

Types of contractors insurance available

There are several types of policies, for example, liability insurance, which takes care of general liability issues that can arise on a jobsite. This is required for all contractors doing business in the state. Accidents are liable to happen on job sites and insurance makes sure that everything, and everyone, is taken care of.

Commercial auto covers your work vehicles because a standard auto policy does not cover vehicles used for business purposes. Business vehicles need to be protected and the policy should list anyone allowed to drive them.

Workers compensation insurance protects contractors as well as their employees from the costs incurred when injuries happen on a work site. This is also an essential policy because is protects every one of your workers.

Purchase insurance that is unique to your needs

Not all contractors perform the same services or have the same equipment and tools. You need someone that understands this and will listen to all of your questions and concerns in order to help direct you to the perfect policy. Seek out professional help to evaluate your situation so that you get all the coverages you need to protect yourself and your workers.

There are local agents available with the expertise and the ability to help you with all of your Connecticut contractors insurance needs because of their vast knowledge and experience. Speak to an agent that can help you set up a comprehensive coverage plan which will allow you to deal with the more important aspects of your job.

When you’ve purchased an expensive home you need to also procure insurance that reflects the valuable property you now own. High valued home insurance is your best bet in order to protect your property. When comparing insurance for homes that are valued at, for example, under $300,000 to insurance for expensive properties, you’ll see that the coverage limits for higher valued homes are much higher.


This is because they reflect realistic repair and replacement values for these more expensive homes. In addition, personal property and liability limits reflect the probable higher costs of personal property and will protect you from higher damages claims in the event of a lawsuit.


You should always shop and compare rates


Purchasing any type of insurance coverage requires some research and serious consideration. Once the time comes when you need to purchase a policy, make sure to review the insurance quotes you’ll be receiving. Take all the time necessary to find appropriate policies for you to compare.


Higher coverage limits are the number one reason any homeowner purchases this type of policy, so it’s essential that you choose one with limits that reflect the realistic costs you may encounter in the event of a claim. If uncertain about how much coverage you really need, speak with an independent consultant and ask for an estimate.


A policy with built-in inflation protection might be a consideration since, if you insure your home for $500,000 this year, the annual inflation rate is taken into account with the coverage limits. This protects against devaluation of the dollar and is an extremely useful type of coverage. You will want to determine whether the offered limits are sufficient.


It’s also helpful to determine whether this type of insurance is realistic for your situation, as you may have to pay a hefty deductible before the insurance kicks in. Buying high valued home insurance coverage is the right choice for homeowners who have considerably more at stake.

As our society grows more environmentally aware, many more companies, including those participating in the manufacturing of certain goods and products, face new, and often unrecognized, pollution risks from their day to-day operations. Your clients, along with nearby businesses and residents, are much more concerned about the potential risks posed by activities that may lead to pollution issues.


With a far greater range of activities subject to continually evolving environmental laws and regulations on the federal, state and local level, businesses must protect themselves by carrying pollution liability coverage, which is one form of manufacturing insurance in New York. This heightened public awareness combined with intensified regulatory scrutiny, has increased the potential environmental exposures for businesses across the country.


Even as an environmentally conscious businessperson, you may not recognize the full extent of risks associated with your daily operations. Pollution liabilities can impact many commercial ventures, and manufacturers, by nature of the types of products they often produce, which can give rise to unexpected environmental liabilities.


A product malfunction at a client site may lead to pollution claims against your company. To guard against such liabilities, you may need to identify and properly manage your environmental exposures to the greatest possible extent.


The industry specifically underwrites pollution exposures and provides a wide range of tailored environmental coverages to help protect you from potentially significant environmental claims. This coverage is readily available and cost-effective for a wide array of businesses.


Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the public has become far more concerned about pollution and its effects on people, their homes, and the outside environment. A Gallup poll conducted in 2011 found that Americans worry most about the contamination of soil and pollution of waterways, drinking water and the air.


If you have concerns about specific pollutants, and which policies contain exclusions based on the different types of exposures, contact your agent for information about manufacturers insurance in New York and which specific pollution liability coverage you may need.

Many women experience medical complications during pregnancy, which is why it is quite common for a doctor to order bed rest, or request a work stoppage prior to delivery. Many couples may find it hard to afford an unpaid maternity leave. Pennsylvania short-term disability insurance can be an important purchase for any woman who works and is planning to bear children. Any additional unpaid time away from the job before the baby arrives can have devastating financial consequences.

Purchasing your policy before conception will make making payments easier, so that after a normal childbirth the added payments will allow you to enjoy your time bonding with your newborn. Any complications of pregnancy that occur before delivery or any postpartum problems may also likely be covered. Once you are already expecting, it will be too late, and the window of opportunity to buy a policy will be closed.

Short-term disability in PA can provide much needed maternity leave income. Your elimination period must be satisfied before these benefits are paid. Most policies designed to cover childbirth come with a one or two week elimination period. Policies with higher monthly benefit amounts will be coupled with the two-week elimination period.

Many policies include nine-month exclusions for normal pregnancy and childbirth. It is therefore suggested that you purchase your policy a few months before conception to avoid delivering inside the exclusion period. Remember that not every pregnancy lasts exactly nine months. In fact, many women deliver preterm and it is possible to conceive after your policy effective date yet still give birth inside the exclusion period.

The cash payments made for normal deliveries are often several multiples of what you pay in premiums in advance of your delivery date. Don’t put these benefit payouts in jeopardy by starting your policy too late. Allowing a cushion of several months is advised. Disability insurance in Pennsylvania is a great way to make up for lost income whenever a baby is on the horizon.

Velma is an employee at a large manufacturing company where she works as a toy designer. The firm where she works has multiple outbuildings on a large campus, and employees often stroll from one building to another to deliver mockups or attend meetings. One day Velma was walking from one building to another along a tree-lined path when she slipped on a seed pod that the trees had shed. She twisted her ankle as she fell to the ground, and ended up not only with a bad sprain but a break in one of the small bones of her foot. What happened next turned out to be a workers compensation claims management lesson learned for Velma’s manager and her human resources department.

Velma had dutifully informed her manager when the accident occurred; at the time the injury didn’t seem that bad but as the day wore on, the pain increased. She followed her manager’s advice and went to the doctor the next morning. When she limped into the office later that day wearing a medical boot, everyone was surprised to learn the extent of the injury. Velma would need a lot of physical therapy and additional follow-up visits at the doctor over the course of the next several weeks.

Months later, management was wrapping up year-end data when someone noticed that Velma had not recorded her time accurately. All of the considerable time out of the office related to the workplace injury Velma had sustained was lumped into the general “sick” category, as opposed to “industrial” which would indicate that payment for those hours was covered by the company’s insurance. Velma and her manager spent the better part of an afternoon going back over months of calendar entries to determine as best they could how many hours should have been recorded and charged thusly, as these numbers had a direct effect on the company’s insurance payments and experience data.

When employees are injured on the job, it’s critical from a workers compensation claims management standpoint to collect and categorize the right information in the right manner from the first moment the company becomes aware of the injury. Capturing information while it is fresh will help ensure it is accurate, and in turn will help the company ensure that all parties collect the monies to which they are entitled. If one of your employees becomes ill or injured on the job, contact your professional insurance agent immediately for guidance so you won’t make a misstep.

As a contractor, before you start any job how do you evaluate and manage risk on your construction projects? As the owner of the business you need to hire capable and manageable employees who you can entrust to get to work on time and get the job done. After all, your name and your business are on the line when things go wrong. It is up to you to ensure that your projects are completed on time, on budget, and to contract specifications. How do you ensure that contractors and subcontractors successfully meet their obligations?


One way is with bid, performance, and payment bonds, all three are types of surety bonds, as you should well know. Specifying surety bonds in Pennsylvania ensures capable and qualified contractors and subcontractors and protects you and your company from financial loss in the event of contractor failure. In this industry, things often do and will go wrong. Everything from equipment failure to weather delays can play a role in taking you off course in terms of meeting your completion deadline.


How do surety bonds work?


For those who don’t quite understand, the surety company and its financial resources stand behind the contractor, which enables the contractor to enter into a contract. You receive a bond from a financially responsible surety company licensed to transact surety. These bonds provide protection by screening out unqualified contractors.


Before any contractor can obtain a surety bond, they undergo a rigorous prequalification process, called underwriting, to determine whether they are capable of performing to the specifics of a given contract. When a surety underwrites performance and payment bonds, it stands behind the contractor’s promise to perform the work according to the contract’s terms and conditions, and pay certain subcontractors, laborers, and material suppliers. As in all states, the Pennsylvania surety bond is required of the contractor but its sole purpose is to protect the customer.


Unlike the cultures of some other countries, Americans aren’t known for having a society that celebrates, reveres, and respects old age—on the contrary, the health and beauty industry make billions on potions, products, and procedures that hope to delay the process of aging indefinitely. When it comes to dealing with the elderly, caregivers can look toward Dignicare Insurance for information that will help them deal with the senior citizens who have been entrusted to them with care and compassion. This guidance can be particularly helpful when the elderly become difficult to interact with, which can happen as a result of fear and uncertainty about their circumstances, anger at their loss of independence, personality-altering medication, chronic pain, or illness that affects behavior and temperament.

Behaving badly can become an issue

Mrs. Williams had a special advisory sticker on her chart at the senior living facility where she had resided for two years, which denoted that she was considered a particularly difficult person to deal with. Many caregivers and other residents reported incidents where Mrs. Williams went beyond her usual cranky behavior to downright belligerent. She would curse at workers who came in to provide her daily medicine, refuse to take the meds, accuse the workers of trying to poison her, throw objects at them and order them from the room. The staff increasingly became unwilling to provide services for Mrs. Williams, and management knew that something had to be done. They started with administering a dose of compassion.

Therapists came in to counsel and educate the staff, making them aware of the myriad challenges that the elderly face which can affect their behavior. The staff learned that this behavior is typically not directed at them personally, but rather at the situation the seniors find themselves in. Knowing this can make all the difference, said one worker who was worried he would be fired when a resident started telling the nursing staff that the worker was deliberately trying to hurt him. Communicate closely with staff, and keep detailed notes of all residents’ behavior and claims; you want to have enough insight into each case to know when any elder abuse might actually be taking place, yet also be cognizant when a resident is actually the one who is mistreating staff by acting out.

Even the calmest, most rational person can become paranoid and hostile when facing a barrage of unpleasant changes. Talk to a Dignicare Insurance professional to learn more about how staff can prepare themselves emotionally for the task of caring for especially challenging seniors.

You may be a contractor whose specialty is home remodeling. A homeowner who is thinking of remodeling their bathroom may contact you, or perhaps a landscaper is needed to redo a back yard or repair a roof damaged from a particularly hard winter storm.  If you work in the state of Florida, your clients in the Orlando area will want the comfort of knowing that you carry contractors insurance when they require your services.


Whether your client is planning on putting in a swimming pool or adding a new room to an existing dwelling, they will likely get several bids and go with the one that is affordable, and give the job to the contractor they have the most faith in. Which is why you need to find a specialist who can create an insurance package tailored to your specific needs.


There are insurance agents available that can help contractors who specialize in different types of work, including:


  • General and Independent Contractors


  • Remodeling


  • Concrete and Building


  • Electrical


  • Landscaping


  • Roofing and Gutters


  • Swimming Pool Installation, and


  • Repair Contractors


People have become smarter when it comes to hiring independent contractors. Most will insist upon a certificate of insurance for general liability insurance. As a contractor you will also want to carry insurance to protect workers who might get injured on the job. Florida requires this form of insurance for any employer with one or more employees.


There are several types of policies available to protect both you, and your business. For example, commercial auto, surety bonds, commercial umbrella, and professional liability are available, to name a few. In order to win more bids and get more work you should get in touch with a qualified insurance agent about your particular Orlando contractors insurance needs.