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Insurance Email

Your online marketing campaigns have generated a substantial customer base for your agency. People have given you email addresses in exchange for things such as E-newsletters and free quotes. Their contact information gives you ample marketing opportunities that can grow your business. However, if the insurance email list is not updated and accurate, your agency is leaving money on the table.

Targeting the Wrong Customers

When you have an email list, you can up-sell and cross market your products. However, if the addresses are not correct or segmented, the right messages are being delivered to the wrong customers. For instance, you don’t want to send life insurance offers to people with home insurance. It’s important that customers receive offers focused on their needs and that can’t happen with an outdated email database.

Suspended Account

Email security services and Internet service providers take spam very seriously. If you have a significant number of unsubscribes, spam complaints or undelivered messages, your email account can be suspended. Sending out campaigns to an unqualified audience can also result in penalties, fines and lackluster marketing results.

You put in a lot of time and effort into growing your customer database. Your insurance email must be well-maintained and updated with the correct details. By doing so you can effectively cross-market, improve client retention and boost sales.

Healthcare Workers Compensation

The risks of an on-the-job injury for workers in the healthcare industry are well documented. Employers must be covered by healthcare workers’ compensation policies that foster financial stability while providing quality comprehensive care. Here are three of the most common causes of injuries to nurses, aides and other healthcare attendants:

  1. Patient Handling Activities – The moving of patients to different positions or transferring activities through manual lifting may cause back, neck and other injuries.
  2. Repetitive Stress and Overexertion – Musculoskeletal disorders are prevalent with healthcare workers due to the ongoing intensive labor during the course of job duties performed within the field.
  3. Needle Sticks – Due to the possibility that an accidental prick from a needle can transmit disease, it is important to have detailed policies for your clients for the best protection.

To provide the best in services for your healthcare workers’ compensation clients, agents and brokers need to configure policies that address the specifics of various niches within the industry. A top wholesale insurance agency will be familiar with the latest in state regulations to ensure legal compliance as well. Being aware of the most common risks will allow you to tailor your offerings for your clients while fostering financial stability and controlling losses.

Workers Compensation Insurance Rates Florida

Workers’ compensation insurance is what protects your business in the event that an employee becomes injured or ill while on the job. Workers compensation insurance rates in Florida vary broadly, and so do the requirements for exactly what your policy must entail depending on the size and type of business you operate. While your policy will fluctuate based on the exact needs of your business, here is an overview of some of the types of businesses that warrant workers’ compensation insurance.

Construction Industry Employers

Any employer in the construction industry with at least one other employee, regardless of whether the employee works part-time or full-time, must hold a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Subcontractors are also required to obtain workers’ compensation coverage in the Sunshine State.

Non-Construction Industry Employers

While employers within the construction industry must have workers’ compensation coverage if they employ one or more people, those within the non-construction industry must also do so if they employ four or more individuals, either part or full-time.

While whether an employer operates within the construction industry or not plays a role in determining whether they need workers’ compensation coverage, additional rules apply for those within the agricultural industry as well as for out-of-state employers. When obtaining workers compensation insurance rates in Florida, be sure to be extremely clear about the nature of your business to ensure you get the coverage you need.

3 Reasons to Get Commercial Crime Insurance

Whether your business is small or large, crime is always a threat and commercial crime insurance is necessary to protect your assets. Here are some of the top reasons that crime insurance coverage is necessary for any company.

  1. It’s the Law – First of all, in many cases insurance is required by law. Although rules will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, insurance is almost always a requirement for getting your business properly licensed, and crime insurance is often also needed.
  2. It Protects You – Secondly, recovering from a crime can be difficult without insurance. Whether it’s an embezzlement or a burglary, most corporate crime revolves around theft, resulting in a serious financial blow if the criminals are successful. On top of that, you might have to repair or replace equipment or assets that were damaged in the attack, further adding to the costs. A good insurance policy can help you protect your bottom line in case disaster strikes.
  3. It Grants Peace of Mind – Finally, crime insurance grants you the peace of mind necessary to keep things running without worrying about potential problems. Knowing that you’re covered helps you feel free to focus on other areas of your business. Plus, consumers will be able to trust your business more because they know you’re prepared for anything. Commercial crime insurance confers big benefits on any business.
Insurance in Princeton

If you own a business, you most likely own a computer or two. They usually hold your clients’ names and account information as well as your own personal and business information. Perhaps they store copies of blueprints, formulas or other files that shouldn’t be shared with anyone outside your company. Cyber Liability insurance in Princeton is also called Privacy and Network Security insurance. It covers expenses you might incur in case there’s a breach in your network security.

Cyber crime is on the rise, and if hackers get into your data, you’ll be glad you have appropriate insurance protection. A security breach can happen if someone in your company loses a laptop by negligence or via theft. Cyber criminals use equipment like stolen and hacked computers to transmit viruses and malicious code to other computer systems.

Do You Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance in Princeton can cover expenses resulting from what are called “cyber incidents.” When your data is breached, you might have to pay for legal defense, regulatory fines and credit monitoring for your clients. Your policy could even include coverage for hiring a PR firm to to assist you in damage control once the news is out that you’ve been hacked.

Cyber Liability coverage can also protect you if your business has to close temporarily as the result of your network being compromised. Your insurance agent can explain all of the benefits of this insurance in Princeton.

Crime Coverage Insurance

Internal perpetrators are often the last to be suspected. Management never expects the secretary with 20 years of tenure to also wear the hat of “chief embezzler”. Often, embezzling employees have been doing so for many years by the time the fraud is discovered. Many corporate fraudsters are not exposed by background checks. As a result, the best way to mitigate financial injury may be with insurance. While there are many benefits to crime coverage insurance, one of the primary advantages is company protection from crimes committed by unscrupulous employees.

Crime Coverage Inclusions

While coverage may vary from state to state, general policy inclusions incorporate protection against forgery, computer and credit card fraud, as well as theft. Additionally, crime insurance coverage safeguards businesses against burglary and robbery perpetrated by outsiders. Company policies can be designed with limits and parameters that are specifically tailored for your business.

Coverage and Consultation

General liability insurance may not compensate management for loss of cash or checks that are stolen or destroyed in the course of damage to business property. Crime coverage insurance may cover these mishaps up to the amount named in your policy. In addition to obtaining a new crime coverage insurance policy, an agent can assist you in determining ways to minimize risk of employee fraud.

Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Auto insurance in Connecticut is a legal requirement. While the state mandates you must have coverage, many of the details are left up to you to decide. That is why it is helpful to be aware of a few key points when buying your auto insurance.

The Greatest Influence on Your Rates

Insurance rates are only partially based on your personal history. A larger factor is what group you fall into. The company groups individuals based upon certain personal details and then determines rates based on the overall group.

Available Discounts

Your insurance agent may check for some of the more common discounts, but he or she may not know if you qualify for certain discounts until you ask about them. Discounts may be given for meeting certain criteria, like not having any accidents within a specific time frame, or for things like membership in clubs or organizations, employment within specific industries or even for adding security to your vehicle.

Review Your Policy

Once your policy is written, you still need to read through it carefully. Make sure that there are no mistakes. A mistake in personal information could actually change your rates, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or point out something that looks wrong.

Getting auto insurance in Connecticut is a legal responsibility, but you have to ability to make sure you get the best rates by shopping smart and understanding how rates are determined.

Construction Management Risk Requires More Than Adequate Insurance

In today’s fast-paced world of design and construction, construction service providers often act as the middle people for a variety of subcontractors. In this position, they are at great risk for a lawsuit in cases of error and omission situations or when some aspect of the project’s work puts others in danger. To mitigate such circumstances, construction management risk policies are available.

Lawsuits Can Equal Catastrophe

If you are in the businesses of providing construction work, you must realize that a lawsuit could be completely catastrophic to not only your bottom line, but also your entire company. Experts in insurance coverage can help you write policies offering two million dollar limits in most cases and three million dollar limits when excess coverage policies are written.

Be a Smart Provider

No one should take lightly the risks construction companies face should work within the design initiative be faulty. Liability includes employee safety, consumer and visitor issues and a wide variety of error and omission possibilities. Smart providers understand that it is far better to be over insured than to be poorly covered in case of a lawsuit.

Minimize Your Risk

Contacting insurance specialists to help you consider and write the most effective policies possible should be your very first step in making sure that your construction management risk is minimized. With the right policy in your hands, you can be sure that your company will survive should a lawsuit occur.

Car insurance Ct.

Once your child turns 15, it is time to start thinking about him or her taking the wheel. Typically, car insurance in CT. for teenagers can be expensive, since new drivers are more likely to be in accidents or commit traffic violations. As a parent, you want to do what is right, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to save on your teen’s insurance.

Shop Around

Finding the best rates means that you will have to do a little research. Comparison shopping allows you to evaluate quotes from several different providers before making a final decision. However, just because insurance is cheap doesn’t mean that you should skimp on coverage.

Utilize Teen Driver Discounts

In some cases, teens can qualified for reduced rates by completing teen driver programs. Often, these discounts require the following:

  • Driver safety courses
  • Good grades
  • Low mileage

Make sure to ask about these deals before you sign up for a policy.

Choose the Right Car

Brand new, expensive cars can have high insurance premiums, especially if your teen is the driver. Instead of buying a brand new car, choose a vehicle that has a good safety record for added protection and for lower rates.

When you purchase car insurance in CT. for your teen driver, take the time to look for ways to lower overall costs.

Transform Your Business With Insurance Marketing

The main concern of insurance agencies and companies such as your own is to generate leads and close on sales. This can be difficult to accomplish on your own especially with so much competition out there. Many people are finding out that the solution to this problem is investing in insurance marketing. Learn how you can get Insurance Marketing Leads.

What Is Insurance Marketing?

This type of marketing is focused on generating leads for the insurance company in question. A good insurance marketing company has a wide variety of teams and services available in order to get you more business. Insurance marketing takes many forms. For example, web design is considered a form of marketing. If you have a nice, appealing, and organized website you’ll get more customers. Social media marketing is a service you can invest in that is crucial in the 21st century. There are other services such as telemarketing and being put on business lists as well.

Make the Right Choice

If you’re struggling to get steady business then this it is partially due to unsuccessful marketing. You shouldn’t be expected to take care of your own marketing anyway. Or maybe your current team just isn’t cutting it. Whatever the case is it’s time to invest in a team of trained professionals that will provide you with Insurance Marketing Leads and transform your business.